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Wooden Marble Strips Mosaic


Wooden Marble Strips Mosaic
This is new design mosaic made by White wood, Grey Wood, Athen Wood, popular designs!
  • Item NO.:ND-013
  • Material:White wood, Grey Wood, Athen Wood
  • Shape:Strips
  • Mosaic Pieces size:75/45/30x5mm
  • Sheet Size:According to CAD drawings
  • Finish:Honed
  • Color:Grey
Product Details

Product: Wooden Marble Strips Mosaic

Colour Detail: 

White Wood (Max size): 75x5mm

Grey Wood (Mid size): 45x5mm

Athen Wood (Small size): 30x5mm

Product Type: Marble Mosaics

Country Of Origin: China

Thickness (in) 3/8"

Thickness (mm): 10mm

Finish: Honed or Polished

Recommended Application Residential, Light Commercial, Heavy Commercial, Medium Commercial, Bath/Shower, Fireplace, Indoor, Outdoor, Wall, Frost Resistant

Glad to share with you this new design of mosaics, we can made CAD drawing and produce accordingly.

It is also ok select from different materials, such as: White Wood, Grey Wood, Athen Wood, Coffee Wood, Black Wood etc.

Wooden Marble Strips Mosaic

Wooden Marble Strips Mosaic

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