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How to Install Glass Mosaic Tile (Mesh-Mounted)


1) Mix setting materials according to manufacturers' instructions.
2) Apply setting materials to the substrate using the notched side of a 3/16" x 5/32" x 3/16" V-notched trowel (image 1).
3) Using the flat side of the trowel, smooth out all ridges to achieve a consistent, even 1/8" thick coverage.
4) Apply glass mosaics sheets, mesh-side down, firmly into the freshly troweled setting material (image 2).
5) Using a rubber float or equivalent tool, gently press the tile into the adhesive to ensure complete contact. Do not push the sheets too deeply into the setting materials, as to cause the setting materials to ooze up between the tiles' spaces. We recommend leaving at least 2/3 of the tile depth available for grouting (image 3).
6) Adjust tile sheets for correct alignment and even spacing between sheets. Do not allow setting material to dry or skin over before completing this process (image 4).
7) Clean all excess setting materials with a damp sponge. Wipe away any haze that may have remained behind.
8) After 24 hours, mix grout, following manufacturer's instructions.
9) Grout openings between tiles and sheets (image 5).
10) Clean all excess grout immediately with a damp sponge (image 6).
11) Use a dry cloth or towel to polish off any remaining haze.

12) After grouting, protect the area from light foot traffic and light water exposure for at least 72 hours. Protect the area from heavy traffic and regular use for at least seven days.

Glass mosaic installationGlass mosaic installationGlass mosaic installation

Glass mosaic installationGlass mosaic installationGlass mosaic installation

Install Instructions:

1. Preparation of the wall surface: Make sure the wall surface to be smooth, flat, solid, dry and perfectly clean. We suggest create a white base about 2mm. Please avoid the cement mortar or colored material contaminated surfaces, the construction site shall be kept clean.

2. Preparation for lying: Score lines on the surface to help the sheet posited correctly.

3. Laying: When the white cement completely dry, using a towel spread out the special adhesive for glass mosaic uniformly on the wall. Make sure the adhesive spread all surface. One time should not be more then 1m2. Press the fiberglass mesh backing directing into adhesive.

4. Filling the seam: Using mosaic sealant for particular care, spread the sealant using a rubber flout, and then leave the sealant drying.

5. Cleaning: Using a damp sponge to remove any grout.

6. Please don't' use black cerement, white cerement or tile adhesive to bedding or caulk the mosaic.

Maintenance method:

1. Please avoid strong direct sunlight to avoid water loss thus affect the strength of the mosaic. We suggest that within a week period after paving, spraying the sealant everyday and do not hit the surface or move the mosaic. Waxing the mosaic after paving.

2. Using stone conservation liquid permeability to keep it from dirty.

3. It can not be scratch by acute matters.

4. If the mosaic chip fall off, it can be patched up by the same style mosaic.

5. Please do not use acidic cleaning agent or powder alkaline cleaning agent to clean the stone mosaic.

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