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Statuarietto Tiles


Italy Statuarietto Polished Tiles 24''x24''


Italy Statuarietto Polished Tiles 24''x24''
This Statuarietto marble with more competitive prices than italy statuario marble, good choice for your buidling decoration.
  • Item NO.:STAT-002
  • Material:Italy Statuarietto Marble
  • Shape:Tiles
  • Sheet Size:610x610mm(24''x24'')
  • Finish:Polished
  • Color:White
Product Details

Product:  Italy Statuarietto Polished Tiles

Material: Italy Statuarietto Marble

Product Type: Marble Tiles

Country Of Origin: China

Thickness (in) 3/8"

Thickness (mm): 10mm

Size: 610x305mm(24''x12'')

Finish: Polished/Honed

Size: According to project requirements

This Design is great for: Kitchen Flooring,Bathroom Flooring,Backsplash Decor,Shower Flooring etc.

I would like to recommend you some our advantage white marble tiles, such as Italy Calacatta, Italy Statuario, Italy Carrara, Greece Ariston, Greece Volakas, Greece Thossos, Bianco Dolomiti Marble etc. Welcome contact us for more information.

Italy Statuarietto Polished Tiles

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