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  • How much do you know about latest marble tile trends?
    • 2017-02-27 09:27:33

    If you're wondering what new tile products will be popping up in 2016, here's a roundup of the 10 most popular trends we saw on the Newspaper.



    Playing with the idea of modularity, we are designing fragmented patterns on square and rectangular tiles to produce large compositions. By mixing and matching geometric shapes, the tiles pop with vivid, kaleidoscopic effect.

    Marble Waterjet Mosaic Tile



    Each season, a shape naturally emerges as a tile industry favorite. Last year was the hexagon; this year is all about brick. From micro to macro, polished to rustic, and designs ranging from interpretations of old brick walls and brick with mortar spills to painted brick and marble and wood designs in a brick format.



    Drawing inspiration from an age-old pattern, designers dress up floors and walls with these porcelains. From rustic and painted wood looks to resin, brick and stone, Italian companies are producing chevron and herringbone tiles across all scales to create patterns that are easy to install.



    This year we saw endless variations on the most basic element of design: the line. Thick and thin, vertical and horizontal, straight and intersecting, flat and three dimensional, linear designs are definitely in vogue with the ability to add depth, movement or focus to a room.


    5. OBJET D'ART

    One trend that's been embraced by several Italian companies is the transformation of tile into objet d'art. Street art and pop art have influenced numerous styles of tiles.


    6. SOFT SPOT

    There was warmth to the tile introductions this year, lending a softness to the hard surface. From designs with distressed and tactile effects (sandblasted marble, stripped wood and fabric) to warm shades, watercolor and velvety textures, it was a welcome reprieve from the minimal aesthetic of recent years.



    Despite the color's recent rise in popular culture, grey has always been a modern designer's best friend. And this year an entire spectrum can be found in the latest Italian tile introductions,for example  grey wood cross cut tiles. from cooler slate tones to the portmanteau of grey and beige. With the addition of texture, chromatic variation and overlaid patterns, these tiles prove that you don't need color to make a statement.


    8. 3D WALL

    With continuously evolving technologies, Italian companies are able to create ceramic tiles with three dimensional folds, wavy ridges, raised geometry and asymmetrical profiles. Fitting these tiles together creates a three dimensional wall with a seamless sculpted surface that draws the eye.



    Tiles continue to get bigger every year, bringing new design possibilities. Thin, large porcelain slabswhich can be used to cover surfaces including countertops and furnishingsare now available in sizes up to 5.25' x 10.5'.



    This marine palette of greens and blues is perfect for a pop of color. From large-format and modern surface effects to more traditional shapes and motifs, these cool colors are bringing a coastal vibe to the interior.


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